Consulting Lessons Learned 17: Storing luggage at the hotel

Traveling every week with just your small cabin luggage can be a problem sometimes. It only fits when focusing on the basics. As soon as you want to bring running shoes or some extra item, your cabin luggage won’t be enough.

How to solve this issue? You have two options:

You could check-in a bigger bag every week. Please don’t do that! You will have to get to the airport more early and your colleagues won’t like waiting with you for the bag to show up again.

The preferred option is to bring an extra check-in bag with you during your first week and store it in the hotel over the weekend. Usually, your team will always stay at the same hotel during the entire project and good hotels will provide you with this service. That way, you can have everything you need during the week, while not being required to check-in a bag every week.