Consulting Lessons Learned 8: Meals should be non-negotiable

Your daily life as a consultant and especially the days you spend on your client’s site can be super busy. You run from one meeting to another and have to conduct analyses and meeting preparations in-between.

Especially more senior consultants often tend to skip lunch in such a situation. However, most fresh consulting new hires are used to having a proper lunch and regularly snacks.

Personally, as a fresh new-hire, I had problems to continue working when I couldn’t get a warm meal before 1pm. You might think, that if your project manager or partner skips lunch, the same will also be demanded by you.

Here is my recommendation to you:

1) In 90% of the cases no one will have a problem if you go for a quick lunch, even if your colleagues don’t join you.

2) If a regular meal for lunch is important for you – and it should be – then this is something also you as a junior consultant should treat as non-negotiable.

You will work like a crazy person for your firm – if the firm has a problem with you having a regular meal, I strongly recommend you to look out for a different employer.

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