Consulting Lessons Learned 13: When to send minutes

Writing meeting minutes is a regular task, especially for junior consultants. However, don’t underestimate the importance of writing minutes!

Here are the two key situations, when you should start to write minutes proactively:

1) Basically, whenever you have a meeting with the top management, minutes are a must. Whether it’s a SteerCo or just the regular PMO call with the top management – whenever there is a larger meeting with important people and decision are being made, it’s a must to send out meeting minutes afterwards to document the results.

2) On every project, there are people you cannot really rely on – whether it’s clients or colleagues. If you experience regularly, that your counterparts can’t remember what was discussed a week ago or have forgotten to take the discussed actions, make sure to send out regular minutes! When writing minutes, make sure to follow a results-focused approach and don’t just write down everything that was discussed in chronological order.

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