Consulting Lessons Learned No. 31: The perfect first project

In management consulting, no two projects are alike. Projects can differ in terms of size, topic, industry, client, team, duration and so much more… 

But how does your perfect first project look like?

First: The bigger the team the better! This will increase the chances, that you will have other junior colleagues who can support you. On your first project, you don’t want to be the only one working together directly with the partner. This will be a bad experience for both of you in 99% of the cases. 

Second: Rather target an industry or topic that you already know. Yes, I know: You want to go into consulting to get to know many different industries and topics. But trust me: There are so many new things to learn and experience on your first project, that the comfort of doing all that in an industry that is not totally new for you can help a lot. 

Third: Look for the great teams and project managers! Working atmosphere will be highly dependent on your team. Try your best to find the best teams to work with – this will also increase your chances to shine!

If you are interested in more insights on how to prepare for your first day in consulting (e.g. who you can influence your first project staffing), make sure to check out our Elite-Coaching:

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