Consulting Lessons Learned 10: Receiving Mail in the office

As a consultant, you will spend a lot of time of the week on your client’s site. So what to do, if you want to order something online or are waiting for an important letter?

You probably know this situation from your daily life at university or work: The delivery service seems to know your schedule by heart and is always showing up when you’re not at home or at the worst possible time.

This problem will stay more current than ever in your life as a consultant. You want to prevent the inconvenience of being required to visit the post office a few days later to pick up your mail?

There is a simple solution: In most firms, you can use your firm’s office address as a shipping address. So the next time you go shopping online, simple enter your company’s name and address together with your name after a “c/o”. You can pick-up the parcel the next time you are in the office.

However, do your firm a favor and only do this for normal sized parcels. I had a colleague, who had the great idea of shipping his new box-spring bed to his firm’s office – you can imagine how happy the reception was about that.

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