Consulting Lessons Learned 18: Doing sport as a management consultant

You are used to playing in your local soccer team? With your new job as a management consultant, it will be much tougher to participate. Traveling to clients every week and working long hours create some challenges when trying to stay fit.

But there are options! While team sports are difficult, you want to look out for activities, that don’t require any special equipment. Here are the top options of active consultants:

  1. Running
  2. Hotel room workouts (e.g. Freeletics)
  3. Special nation-wide gym memberships (e.g. Gympass in Germany)

One last word on the perfect time. Even if you are not an early bird, try to do your exercise in the morning before breakfast. In the evening, you will often have a team dinner with no chance to do any sport beforehand. If you want a good sleep, don’t do your exercise 2-3 hours before you plan to go to bed.