Surprisingly, translating stuff from or to English is a task you will have to perform quite often as a junior consultant. Whether it’s a case study slide you need to translate for the proposal or a several page document you need to translate for your client project. Translating tasks will pop up every now and then as a junior consultant – especially if you don’t work in an English-speaking country.

What should be an easy task for you, can quickly turn into a several hour job in case you have to translate a longer text or a bunch of slides. To do that you have two options:

  1. You can translate everything manually. This will take a lot of time and won’t necessarily lead to the best results
  2. You can use special translating apps, that will generate a first draft and then just go through that draft manually to reach the 100% you want to achieve. This will normally lead to better results and is much quicker.

Deepl is the best

So, which translating tool should you use? I’m quite sure the first thing popping up in your mind is Google Translator. However, although it is quite famous, I was never really convinced by its translating capabilities. But there is a better solution: Deepl

Deepl is an online application that will translate your text based on artificial intelligence and by analyzing and comparing millions of reference translations.

Using Deepl is super easy: Simply visit and enter the text you need to be translated. Select the relevant language and deepl will do the work for you. And the best: For most tasks the free version will be completely sufficient.


While I find the translation results of deepl to be the best in the industry, make sure to go through the text to make the final tweaks.

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