Consulting Lessons Learned 9: Use screen protectors

Imagine this situation: You’re sitting in the train on the way back home from your client and work on your open todos from the week.

Have you ever thought how many people are able to see the content on your screen at that moment?

Consultants often work with highly confidential client information – no matter if it’s detailed sales data or strategy presentations. If this information gets into the wrong hands – like competitors or media – this will for sure have a very bad impact for your client and yourself.

And even if someone from your client’s organization sits behind you: Think about how happy he or she will be to see you displaying confidential client data in the public.

The solution is easy: Whenever you have your laptop screen open in a public environment (like trains, planes or even just the lounge): Always use screen protectors.

In reality, you will see many consultants not using them. Don’t make this mistake! It will harm the trusting relationship with your client and also your project management will not be amused seeing you working without a screen protector.

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