One of the questions most consultants ask themselves at least twice a week is this one: “Where should I sit?”

Every Sunday and Wednesday evening, thousands of consultants are staring at the online check-in app thinking about this one question. But what is the best answer?

First of all, you want to sit somewhere in the front if possible. Most top consulting firms will expense your business class flights, meaning you will be able to select a seat somewhere in the front rows. But also if you fly economy, with a good loyalty status, you will normally have access to the front rows in economy class.

Second question: Should I go for row 1 or even better seat 1A? Actually, row 1 isn’t the best row on most planes. Especially on short distance flights your legroom will be rather limited. During boarding everyone will look at you and you are not allowed to keep your laptop with you during take-off and landing.

Funny thing: Row 1 seats are often reserved for very high loyalty status guests. If none of them are onboard, you will often see very inexperienced junior consultants on these rows, who seem to enjoy the fame.

Like most experienced consultants, I much rather prefer a window seat at rows 2-4. Those are much more quiet and you are not so exposed to looks at your laptop screen from other passengers. You can keep you laptop bag with you during the entire flight which makes it much easier to work on the plane.

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